How to make line drawings with the Illustrator

This web site is for explaining how to make line drawings with the Illustrator. Some basic skills are already explained in the help of the Illustrator; therefore, they are not included in this site (Pleaset notice that this is not an official site, either). This site is written only for your information . It was not intended to cover all the basics of the program. However, I would like to cover some of the very essential facts of the program.

My study groups (Aphelinidae: Hymenoptera) are usually small and yellow without much color; therefore, pictures from a microscope are not much useful. The best way to show all the details of my animals is to do line-drawings. Here I would like share some of my mistakes for using the Illustrator for the line-drawings.

Once I master this technique (for what I am doing), I truly believe this is the way to go for line-drawings. At first, it is a bit awkward to draw lines on the tablet while you are staring at the computer monitor. Normally you look at lines when you draw them on a paper. It would take some time for you to be accustomed to this technique. Please be patient.


Brief explanation

Detailed explanation of how-to

Drawing example

Prepared by Jungwook Kim (November 2004)

Jungwook "Woogie" Kim, Ph. D.
Department of Entomology
Texas A & M University
College Station, TX 77843

Thanks to Matt Yoder for uploading this information. Also, he shares his experience in using the Illustrator for line-drawings. This project was partially funded by USDA (USDA-ARS-CSREES 58-1926-3-316).


Disclaimer. This site does not have any association with the Adobe. The Illustrator and the Photoshop are the products of the Adobe Systems Incorporated.